Technology. Simplified.

Craig Smedley

Managing Director
Having worked a wide range of technology roles for the last 20-plus years, Craig has built a broad skillset ranging from Infrastructure Architecture and Project Management to Business Development and Mentoring.

As a co-founder of Catch-22 Solutions and Scrum Dragons, Craig provides technical analysis and assessment, roadmap planning, and establishes strong relationships with business partners. A strong proponent of maintaining an open and pragmatic attitude, Craig enjoys driving projects through to completion with minimum drama and maximum results.

Michael Lamoureux

Managing Director
With roots in software development, project management, and entrepreneurship, Michael brings over 20 years of professional experience servicing clients and building software solutions and teams that deliver clear business value and growth opportunities.

As a co-founder of Catch-22 Solutions and Scrum Dragons, his focus is on leadership, repeatability and developing a culture of collaborative problem solving. Known for decomposing complex problems on whiteboards Michael is passionate about impactful technology solutions that help companies achieve their goals.

Chris Haugen

Managing Director
For the past 15 years, Chris has focused his efforts on helping small businesses to raise the investment capital required for ongoing success, through his diverse background in digital marketing and corporate communications

Mr. Haugen' focus as part of the Catch-22 / Scrum Dragons team is relationship building and communications. Chris works with our partners to ensure comprehensive solutions are developed to meet our partner's specific requirements.